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  • 27 Years Experience
  • Full Service (Full Value Not Factory)
  • Personal Injury
  • DUI, MIP, etc
  • Business Start Ups
  • Actual Trial Attorney

Criminal Litigation

We handle most kinds of criminal cases, including fighting DUI and Drug cases. We can help you protect your rights and defend against misdemeanor and felony charges. We handle a large percentage of the DUI and drug cases arising in this geographical area and are responsible for several innovative developments in criminal law as well as a body of published work.

Civil Litigation

Our firm has experience with a variety of civil matters, from negligent infliction of injury to malicious damage to property. If someone is suing you or owes you compensation for a wrong, we can help.

Personal Injury

Our automobile accident (personal injury) practice is well developed and sophisticated, using the latest valuation techniques and expert testimony. We handle simple car accident cases and complex wrongful death actions in an aggressive manner and the client benefits from decades of experience and high credibility with insurers.


Whether you need help with an entertainment, construction, employment, or business contract, we have the experience and expertise to assist you in both formation and dispute resolution.


Our construction practice includes drafting and review of simple and sophisticated construction contracts, including AIA contracts, from multi-story commercial projects to home renovation. We represent owners as well commercial contractors, subcontractors, and design professionals in all aspects of construction, from forming your entity through incorporation or LLC organization, to mediation and arbitration of disputes, to full scale expert intensive jury trials. While we intervene to remedy disputes, we concentrate on the economical prevention of disputes through proper expert drafting of documents, and handling of lien preparation, filing, and resolution.


We have a large business practice including: business formation (such as incorporation; franchise law, shareholders' agreements, and the buying and selling of businesses).

Krasle Law Firm offers a wide array of services to meet your legal needs. Our services are supported by a full staff and the latest technolgy. If your legal needs differ from those listed on the right, please contact us for a free consultation. If we can not assist you, we would be glad to recommend a local lawyer to help you with your specific needs.