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Eric Krasle is a professional and experienced trial attorney in Athens, Georgia, practicing through out the State of Georgia and consulting for nationwide and international cases as well.

The Krasle Law Office runs on a full staff of secretaries, law clerks, and other staff with state-of-the art technology and associating attorneys. While the firm is a general practice, Eric is a multi-specialty trial attorney with concentration in DUI‘s and drug case defense; small business formation/representation, sale, and purchase; personal injury, including wrongful death, criminal law, adoption, and contract law as well as communications law and expedited custom contract drafting and review. He is well known for his work in sophisticated car and motorcycle accident, personal injury cases and DUI defense and has handled numerous cases successfully in the Appeal Courts. He occasionally teaches a law class at local universities including the University of Georgia and University of North Georgia. Mr. Krasle attends continuing education classes in numerous fields.

Mr. Krasle was born in nearby Gwinnett County. His father, George Krasle, was a pioneer of the SCUBA diving industry, having started the Underwater Society of America with Jacques Cousteau. Eric's father, who was an ex-intelligence agent and Catholic son of a police officer, started the first dive shop in Georgia and had several in the Atlanta area. Sara, Eric's mother, moved the family from their Methodist church to North Peachtree Baptist Church where she taught Sunday school, and has since retired from Forsyth County Government.

Mr. Krasle has prevailed in several appeals that have favorably affected various areas of law by creating precedent. These include: Vargas v. Sullivan, establishing virtual adoption in Social Security cases; Hewell v. Walton County ‐ establishing application of governmental waiver of liability in “vehicle” cases; ADEC v. Guitar Center - establishing creation of easement under unique circumstances; and State v. Teasley, defining the standard of proof for drug identification in probation revocation cases.

Eric attended public school through fifth grade and then entered the Roger Ashcam Academy, a Mensa affiliated school, through ninth grade. Eric finished high school at Westminster in Atlanta. Eric was the (red and) black sheep of his family of technical students and attended the University of Georgia where he earned a BBA with honors in management with a concentration on business law. Darin, Eric's brother, is a computer engineer for SAP, a German electronics company, and George, Eric's other brother is a hardware developer (Microsoft, etc.). Eric married and raised his family (with two children) in Athens.

After various curriculum toward a MBA, Eric entered law school in 1985 at the University of Georgia and graduated Cum Laude in 1988. During law school Eric worked for Legal Aid, the Prisoner Legal Counseling Project; for the Federal Court System in Atlanta; and for various professors doing research.

After joining the Georgia bar, Eric left for a financial industries law firm in Atlanta where he remained for six months before returning to Athens dissatisfied with the traffic and urban sprawl problems associated with Atlanta. He served on the three part indigent defense counsel for a few years overseeing the indigent defense system (and budget) in Clarke and Oconee counties. He is a 29 year member of the Western Circuit Bar Association.

During his law practice Eric has been active in this community, helping with projects ranging from organizing constitutional rights events; Athens Bicentennial Recognition Committee; arranging for speakers, handling finances and donations for the Athens Human Rights Festival; and serving on various committees for the Western Circuit Bar Association, including the Children of Divorce Committee and the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee. He was a volunteer for the Jeannette Rankin Society and served on the Lyndon House Arts Foundation board and as member of the Athens Downtown Council. He also serves as a board member for Reef Ball Foundation, responsible for world wide ocean reef restoration, and for Aquanaut Diving and Engineering Co. Eric has had published several letters and articles concerning criminal law, constitutional rights, greenspace concerns, and evaluation of legislation. Eric has also spoken on live radio and television broadcasts (including CNN) on various legal and human rights issues. He has been working on behalf of DFCS and the government sponsored Healthy Grandparents Project (handling adoptions) and has incorporated over one hundred businesses.

Eric was voted “Best Attorney to Sort Out Your Affairs” in 2016 and “Best Attorney to Get You Out of a Jam” in the Flagpole Magazine poll of 2014, and was voted Best Attorney in the Observer Poll of 1994 (both Athens / North Georgia Readership). He has handled a number of notable cases which can be addressed further at the law offices' website and Avvo.com. He is certified to practice in all Georgia Courts and in the Federal Courts and Appeal Courts as well as the United States Supreme Court. He is an avid mountain biker and diver, as well as a general outdoorsman who also enjoys basketball, volleyball and whitewater. Eric is a photographer, specializing in 3D media, has a long history of directing short films and music videos including producing the full length documentary film Athens Burning, the Shakespearean adaptation Midsummer, the award winning Tigerz video for the band Kite to the Moon, and collects Athens historical memorabilia and antique bottles. He completed the Leadership Athens Program in 1998, and ran for Mayor of Athens-Clarke in 2002.

Mr. Krasle is the CEO (Managing Member) of SphereVibe Films, L.L.C., a professional production company, as well as Athens Burning, L.L.C., and serves as an Officer or Registered Agent for over 30 other Corporations.